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Monday, September 10, 2007

How to get a US Nursing License (NCLEX)

The basics on obtaining a US nursing License:

In order to receive a US nursing license, you must choose a state, complete the application and meet their requirements.

Each State Nursing Board has its own fee schedule and specific requirements (e.g. CGFNS, CES, TOEFL, TSE)
The time it takes to approve your credentials and process your application varies from state to state.
Please check with your chosen State Board to find out the specific requirements and details.
You can download or order the application for many of the Boards off the internet. Visit relevant State Boards for information.

All nurses must pass NCLEX before they can work as an RN in the USA.

The Board will supply you with an NCLEX application.
The current fee to register with NCLEX is $200 and you must indicate at the time of application which Board you've chosen.

After you have met the requirements, been approved by the Board and applied for NCLEX you will be issued an ATT (Authorization to Test) and can schedule your NCLEX exam.

You must have an ATT before you can to sit the exam.
The NCLEX exam can be scheduled anywhere in the US or it's territories and is offered year-round.
You do not have to sit the NCLEX exam in the State where you applied.
If you are a nurse from the Philippines, it may be difficult to get a visa to enter the US to take the exam. However, Guam and Saipan have fewer restrictions so many nurses choose to sit the NCLEX in these locations. Check with a local travel agency for information on the current restrictions.
At some testing centers the appointments go very quickly so plan to schedule your appointment early.

Once you have passed NCLEX, you never need to sit it again.

You will be issued a nursing license that can be endorsed into state.
Please check with your chosen State Board to find out the specifics about endorsement

There are NLCEX review books and courses available that many nurses find very helpful. Rayfield, Kaplan, Lippincott and Mosby all have excellent NCLEX study books.

We also recommend the following link:

Contact Information: (this will be changing August 2002)

NCLEX Examination Program
The Chauncey Group
664 Rosedale Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone 1(800) 551-1912 (within the US)
Fax (609) 720-6550
Web site:

Basic steps:

  1. Choose a State Nursing Board
  2. Apply to your chosen Board and meet their requirements
  3. Apply to sit the NCLEX exam
  4. Upon approval by the Board, you'll be issued and ATT (Authorization to Test)
  5. Schedule an appointment to sit the NCLEX anywhere in the US or it's territories
  6. Study! Study! Study!
  7. Sit for the NCLEX exam

Once you have passed, the Board will send you your nursing license!

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